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Summer 2 - Determination and Perseverance

Assembly Plan

Determination and Perseverance


There are times when things get difficult for us and it would seem much easier to give up. Sometimes children and adults  can be heard to say, ‘I can't be bothered,’ or ‘It's too hard.’ Life is not always easy, and we must learn to cope when things do not run smoothly. There are times when we need to make a special effort in order to achieve our goals.


Great milestones in history have been achieved because the people involved have shown true determination. Great leaders determined to overcome the wrong they see, scientists who don’t give up looking for answers, artists who believe in their talent when no one else does, people who hold on to their faith through difficult times.


Without these people we would not have things like penicillin (Alexander Fleming) and other antibiotic medicines. The development of X-rays (Marie Curie) and scanners has helped in the treatment of life-threatening diseases. The discovery of electricity (Michael Faraday) has made an enormous difference to the way in which we live. Transport over long distances has been made possible by the invention of trains, cars and aeroplanes. Communications have been vastly improved by the invention of telephones, televisions and computers. All these things and many more make life so much easier for us, and we take them for granted. But they have been brought about by the sheer hard work and determination of their inventors, who in spite of setbacks never gave up.


Great sportsmen and women have to train every day to achieve the very best results and get to the top of their sport. We do not see the hours and hours of hard work that they put in to make such results possible. We only see the glamorous side of their lives and the media praise for their victories. It is important to realise that hard work is needed, both mental or physical, to reach their goal.


In a famous story in the Bible, Jesus showed great strength and determination when he was tempted by the devil in the wilderness (Luke 4.1-13).

Books we read about determination and perseverance

Growth Mindset


Miss Stokes led assemblies about 'The Power of Yet' linked to having a Growth Mindset. 

We now have an award for this in class every week which is presented on Friday in our whole school celebration assembly.


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