Change 4 Life

Change 4 Life are running a national campaign which involves children in schools taking part in healthy challenges. There is a different challenge for each Key Stage every week.

There are two posters (one for EYFS & KS1 and one for KS2) pinned up in the school hall. As the weeks progress each class will be adding pictures from the weekly challenges so you can follow their progress.

Check back here each week to see the latest Change 4 Life challenge. This will allow you to support these ideas at home.

Week 1:

KS1: How many steps?
Count how many steps you need to take to walk around the playground, classroom or hall. Try with big and small steps.
KS2: Our healthy pledge
Download the ‘classroom charter poster’ to record five ways that the class will be healthier this year.

Week 2 :

KS1: Action rhymes
Create your own healthy rhyme or song with actions. Share it with the class!
KS2: Stretch and flex
Touch your toes and stretch, stand tall and stretch or lean to the side with your arm over your head. Can you think of other stretches?

Week 3

KS1: Place phonic sounds around the playground. Walk, skip or hop to the sound called out by the adult.

KS2: Use the sugar ranking cards to put food and drink in order from most to least sugar. Use the nutrition labels to check your answers.

Week 4

What does your nose know?

Can you use your nose to guess what different foods are without looking? Your teacher will put some foods into different pots, or you could try this in the dinner hall at lunchtime.

Morning movement

Try making an ‘activity zone’ to use before the bell or whistle goes. Why not do a different activity each day?

Week 5

Take home teddy

Your teacher will send a class teddy home with someone new each day. When you have teddy, draw a picture of him eating something healthy or doing a healthy activity.

Healthy mind

Plan a timetable for the week that includes eating well, moving more, taking time out and having fun!

Week 6

EYFS/KS1: Plan a healthy meal as a class or on your own. (Perhaps the classic plate on a piece of paper).

KS2: Make up a dance/do some dancing in PE with your teacher. (You could use GoNoodle).


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